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Currently, the biggest problem lies in the teaching practices that are used among these children as well as the equity in gender. According to Schwab and Gelfman (2005), there are serious equity problems among mixed gender classes. There are many activities that both genders perform differently. This makes the need for boys and girls to be taught under different environments, lest the pace of delivering teaching content for the physical educators is greatly affected.Students with special needs required special attention. Title 9 does not however provide for this since it generalizes that secondary school student should all learn and participate under the same given environment (Klein, 2007). The result of this is that the students with special education will not be able to perform better or learn effectively due to lack of the required facilities as well as the conducive learning environmentThe implications of Title 9 are numerous. First, physical educators are exposed to the likelihood of physical injury to the students. Subsequently, this may lead to litigation as the students will seek a legal suit against the teachers. The physical educators will therefore be held liable for any negligent injury suffered by the students.


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