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This factor does not conduct in loneliness. However, in the study, earning the well-paid job setting was escorted by students concerning over money and emotion that their job has influence on their academic dramatically at university. Students who work to face social requirement and pay off current debts seem to quit than those who work for other reasons. Contrarily, those severely think of quitting their study are importantly having hardship adaptation to university ways of lecturing.One more reason for dropping out is student satisfaction that appears as a quitting force of per sisters in the first year. They reply they gain assistance speech in advance before they have association with the institution when they selected subjects to learn, in contrast, university ignore their expectation with satisfaction that then it gives their pleasing concept over quitting. On the other hand, implication is still the major cause for students’ attrition because implication has several guidelines in dealing with students on their curriculum and holistic approach to engagement, structural elements of the preparation when they need information and assistance they are in or out of the class. Communication is needed for students to put them in feedback circle. This involved students in three-way relationship between students, academics, and student support staff. Such a relation is beneficially attained when students have connection with institution before registration. It refers to the institution active cooperation with school and communities to get qualified students and raise their realization over what to succeed at university before they get started.


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