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Basically a social networking website is a centralize web-base service that everyone can excess. It enables an individual to make a personal profile about themselves that they want to publish online to the public within a bounded system. They can interact with people whom they are connected with such as family members, friends via email or instant messages. It is a service that provides strangers to connect to other strangers based on their common interest, group or activities. Through this service, people can create new real-life friendships through groups, blogs or forums found in these social networking websites.

Social networking site are unique not because of their wide range of features or the fact that its main reason is for an individual to expand their network which most people do, but rather enable users to articulate other users in the same system as “Friends” and make their social network visible to others. Many users may not necessarily use “networking” or looking to meet new people to be their main reason to use these social networks. But instead, they mainly use it to connect with people they might already know in their extended social network who they have offline connection with.