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这项研究是基本的定性研究,试图评估教师的情感和对交互式电子白板的使用态度。根据上述文献和这些概念开发的问题。四十名中学教师被要求填写回答10题多项选择题问卷。本问卷见附件1。回答的人中,有五名教师被选作进一步面试。附加的面试问题可在附录2中找到。附录3列出了答案及其分解的图表。 这项研究是一个意识的责任,教师受访者根据在英国修订后的道德准则教育研究数据(2004)中描述的值。问卷分发和采访没有歧视任何人出于任何原因,尊重个人差异。参与的教师明白他们的参与完全是自愿的。他们被告知这项研究的性质和原因。完整的隐私和保密他们的参与和他们的反应是有保证的。没有收集个人资料。所有问卷均未返回姓名或任何标识特征。调查问卷被保存在一个安全的内阁没有访问,除了这个研究员。参与这项研究的人以前不知道这个研究员,也没有任何双重关系,他们以外的研究人员和参与者。这项研究的任何方面都没有涉及欺骗。


This research was basic qualitative research that was attempting to assess teacher’s feelings and attitudes toward the usage of Interactive Whiteboards. Questions were developed according to the above literature and these concepts. Forty secondary school teachers were asked to fill in respond to a 10 question multiple-choice questionnaire. This questionnaire is attached in Appendix 1. Out of those who answered, five teachers were selected for further interview. The additional interview questions can be found in Appendix 2. A chart of the answers and their breakdown are listed in Appendix 3.This research was conducted with an awareness of the responsibility to teacher-respondents according to the values described in the British Revised Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research Data (2004). Questionnaires were distributed and interviews conducted without discrimination against anyone for any reason, showing respect for individual differences. Teachers who participated understood that their participation was entirely voluntary. They were informed of the nature of this research and the reasons for it. Complete privacy and confidentiality of their participation and their responses was assured. No personal data was collected. All questionnaires were returned without names or any identifying characteristics. Questionnaires were kept in a secure cabinet with no access except for this researcher. Those involved in this research were not previously known by this researcher, nor were there any dual relationships with them other than researcher and participant. No deception was involved in any aspect of this research.


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