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在学校开始工作之前,建议访问学校,以了解工作人员和学生之间的气氛是什么样的感觉。这次访问也将帮助学生老师了解学校的布局和满足教师。明智的做法是,学生教师将研究学校和它的任何政策,通常会在学校网站。在我的观察中,我注意到,任何一个老师都会对学生的能力有一个想法,这是至关重要的,学生教师在开始工作前应该得到这些信息。这些信息应该从常任教师(科恩,2004),以确保学生教师是专业的,重要的是,他们与常任教师沟通的主题涵盖,并提出任何问题,他们可能有。它可能是一个好主意,问什么样的教学方法,他们使用和发现有用的,因为他们知道自己的类的能力(小,G 2009)。老师将能够讨论任何需要特别助理的学生,或每天的问题,如学生生病在课堂上或协议的学生上厕所(科恩,2004)。这些信息通常被称为学校的隐性课程,它使学校的运行顺利进行。


Before beginning work in the school, it is advised to visit the school to get a feel for what the atmosphere is like between staff and students. This visit will also aid the student teacher in understanding the layout of the school and to meet teachers. It is advisable that the student teacher would research the school and any of its policies which would usually be on the school website. During my observations I noted that it is vital that any teacher would have an idea of the abilities of their students, and a student teacher should get this information before beginning their work. This information should be available from the permanent teacher (Cohen, 2004).To ensure that a student teacher is professional, it is important that they communicate with the permanent teacher on topics covered and to ask any questions they may have. It may be a good idea to ask what teaching methods they use and find useful as they know their class’s abilities (Petty, G. 2009). The teacher will be able to discuss any students that need a special needs assistant, or daily problems such as students feeling ill during class or protocol on students going to the toilet (Cohen, 2004). This information is often referred to as the hidden curriculum of the school, which is what makes the running of the school run smoothly.


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