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主要类型的四个技术被用于DE viz.音频、视频、数据和打印。的主要优势使用音频、视频和数据同步工具是能够使用它们以更大程度的实时交互性和可访问性。打印材料,教学材料DE先驱,是一个异步交付技术。它可能使用的形式的教材,课程教学大纲,和学习指导。简单的可用性、透明度的教学材料,容易参考和指导的威胁自然是一些印刷的优点。是非常重要的设计和交付内容有效地组成一个程序,以适合学生的能力。应特别注意交付技术和不同的沟通方式。在德环境,学习者是孤立的小同学的竞争和更少的与老师互动,因此在线学习者的动机是一个关键因素。反射的重要性应该强调自我激励和学习过程etc.Usually遥远的学习者是一个老,工作个人与家庭责任和其他责任。因此,学生应该被教育关于适当的学习策略。摩根(3)表明,遥远的学习者并不清楚他们的学习经验,因此他们倾向于从事肤浅的学习而不是深度学习。因此教师和学习者应该清楚地理解学习过程的重要性,结果和目标。的设计、开发、评估和修订的教学材料应仔细进行适合学生和教师的背景。


4 main types of technologies are used in DE viz. audio, video, data, and print. The main advantage of using audio, video and data tools is the ability to use them synchronously with a greater degree of interactivity and real-time accessibility. The print material, which is the pioneer instructional material in DE, is an asynchronous delivery technique. It may be used in the forms of textbooks, course syllabi, and study guides. The easy usability, transparency of the instructional material, easy reference and the non-threatening nature of the instruction are few of the advantages of the print.It is very important to design and deliver content effectively in a DE program so as to suit students’ capabilities. Attention should be specially paid to the delivery technologies and the different communication styles.In a DE setting, the learner is isolated with lesser competition from fellow students and less interaction with teachers, therefore the motivation of the online learner is a key factor. The importance of reflection should be emphasized on self motivation and the learning process etc.Usually the distant learner is an older, working individual with family commitments and other responsibilities. Therefore the students should be educated regarding the appropriate learning strategies.Morgan (3) suggests that distant learners are not clear about their learning experiences so that they tend to be engaged in superficial learning rather than deep learning. Hence teachers and learners should clearly understand the importance of learning process, outcomes and goals.The design, development, evaluation and the revision of the instructional material should be done carefully to suit the students’ and the teachers’ background.


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