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According to The Economist Intelligence Unit (2014) the best educative system comes from countries with less natural resources than Ecuador: South Korea, Japan, Singapore and others. The success of education of these countries is the importance given by their society. According to Clark and Park (2009) the success of Korean education is mainly attributed to significant parental investment in after-school classes and other forms of private or additional tuition outside of the public school system. Education in South Korea is a very important topic in its culture. This country is an excellent country to compare and contrast with Ecuador because fifty years ago South Korea was a very poor country mainly agricultural and without science and technology. With correct government politics and with a very strong nationalism and culture of preparation and overcome. South Korea nowadays is between largest high-income economies. South Korea has an enormous investment in education leading the country from mass illiteracy to a major international technological nation. According to International Monetary Fund this country had one of the world´s fastest growing.Ecuadorian economy is weak and strongly dependent on natural resources and on exploitation of them. This added to lack of interest of study has created a society poorly academically prepared. Therefore Ecuador has a poor industry. There is no a high prepared human talent capable to develop an industry of science and technology. The economy of Ecuador is the result of a set of causes mainly related with an inexistent culture of preparation, education, and investigation. Ecuador must transform the patron of specialization of economy in order to create new ways of generation, distribution, and redistribution of richness. Therefore decreasing the vulnerability of Ecuadorian economy and creating an industry of high technology.  Currently educational model of Ecuador is not providing the required human talent to develop an industry of high added value, goods, and services. Education in Ecuador is lack of quality as a result of the low interest among people to prepare themselves. New model educational system of Ecuador must supply the needs of industry increasing the quality of education focused to issues that are critical to the country development. Equally important creating a culture of nationalism, preparation and improvement of each one and the whole country. In order to develop the country and change the productive matrix.


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