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一个教师要计划每天的备课技能是至关重要的(Kyriacou,2007)。一个教案给老师一个目标,以达到每个类和一个时间框架,以完成每个部分的课程。对于老师来说,分析他们前进的过程变得有多容易。这将被视为长期规划,决定在年初时,每一个主题的教学大纲将要教(科恩,2004)。这可能是非常有用的评估有多少细节必须覆盖在每个类。总的来说,我认为,规划是一种有效的教师中有很大一部分是我觉得我需要发展,对教师有必要的技能是时间管理(Kyriacou,2007)。这可以分为2个部分,短期和长期。在短期内,重要的是教师完成所有的计划,每节课的时间限制。除特殊情况外,一节课不应该结束的晚就可以建议老师没有组织有效的技能课(Kyriacou,2007)。长期的时间管理可以简单的有一个文件夹的教案,时间表和日历的日期提交作业和测试提前组织(小,G 2009)。重要的是教师明智地利用他们的时间,它确保了工作量是均匀分布在整个一年,它提供了安心,让学生知道他们的老师有一切计划。基于这些原因,时间管理是我需要开发的技能。


It is vital for a teacher to have planning skills to plan a lesson on a daily basis (Kyriacou, 2007). A lesson plan gives the teacher a target to reach with each class and a time frame to complete each section of the course. It becomes easier for the teacher to analyse how far along the course they have progressed. It would be considered long-term planning to decide at the beginning of the year when each topic in a syllabus is going to be taught (Cohen, 2004). This can be very useful in assessing how much detail has to be covered in each class. Overall, I would believe that planning is a large part of being an effective teacher and is something I feel I need to develop.A skill that is necessary for a teacher to have is time management (Kyriacou, 2007). This can be split into 2 parts, short term and long term. In short term, it is important for a teacher to complete all that was planned for each lesson within the time constraint. Except for special circumstances, a lesson should never end late as it could suggest a teacher does not have the skills to organise the lesson efficiently (Kyriacou, 2007). Long-term time management can be as simple as having a folder of lesson plans, timetables and a calendar with dates of homework to be submitted and tests organised in advance (Petty, G 2009). It is important for teachers to use their time wisely, it ensures that the workload is evenly spread throughout the year and it provides peace of mind to students to know that their teacher has everything planned. For these reasons time management is a skill I will need to develop.


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