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美国history paper代写 男性工人

Paul Cravens在书中引用的这句话很好地说明了一个典型的男性工人是如何挣扎着不仅要勉强维持自己的生活,还要养活自己的孩子。此外,工人阶级发现很难获得资金,因为如果人们得到工作和生病,就没有补偿。如果工人阶级的男性因为工作或生病而受伤,他们将得不到任何报酬或政府的帮助。在第二段所提到的那段时间里,由于工作条件而受伤或生病是很常见的,这对在生病的影响下长时间工作的一般人来说也是有害的。长时间的工作对工人来说非常艰难,因为大多数人只能做一份工作,而不是两份。大多数男性一周工作6天,每天工作10个小时,这真的很艰难,特别是当你生病了,不能买到合适的食物和足够的物品来恢复和获得适当的营养。在后工业时代,失业率居高不下,因为许多工厂可以取代任何人。“失业对贫困家庭来说是一个严重的问题,但与平均工资低的问题相比,它只是次要问题。”引用1901年出版的《失业、生活水平和加拿大城市里的工人阶级家庭》一书中的一句话,证明了我的观点,主要问题是低工资。但第二种可能是由于对钱的严重需求而导致的失业,如果男性工人已经在为微薄的收入苦苦挣扎的话。想象一下,如果根本没有来自工人阶级的收入来源。生活质量对普通工人来说是极其艰苦和有害的,因为在大多数情况下,这些人会为了最低的工资而长时间地工作。

美国history paper代写 男性工人

This quote from Paul Cravens book gives a perfect example of how the typical male worker had the struggle to not only barely have enough funds to survive for themselves but their children, which made this almost impossible with the meagre wages that the average working men would receive. Also, the working class men found it extremely difficult to acquire funds as there was no compensation if people got work and sick. If a working-class man were injured from work or ill, they would receive no pay or help from the government at the time. During the times as mentioned in the second paragraph, it was common to be injured or sick from the working conditions which it is again harmful to the average men who are working extremely long hours under the influence of them being ill. The long hours very extremely tough for the working man as most of the men would only have time to work one job rather than two. Most men worked 10 hour days for six days a week, which could be really tough and especially when your sick and not being able to buy the appropriate foods and adequate items to recover and receive the proper nutrition. During the post-industrial era, there was persistent unemployment at the time to since many factories could replace anyone for anyone else. “Unemployment was a serious problem for poor families, but it was a distant second to the problem of low average wages.“ The quote from the book unemployment, living standards, and the working-class family in urban Canada in 1901, proves my point by stating how the main issue was the low wages. But the second would be the unemployment due to the severe need for money, and if the male worker were already struggling with a little income. Imagine if there was no source of income at all from the working class men. The quality of life was extremely tough and harmful for the average working men, as the men in most cases would single hauntingly work extremely long hours for a minimal wage for them.

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