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When information is being presented in a well-structured and simple way, traditional methods could be useful for the learners by using a linear model to present the information. But when the knowledge domain is complex, and the material ill-structured, the aforementioned traditional methods could be ineffective for educational programs in tertiary education (Dick, 1991).During a typical university course, the instructor follows linear methods to introduce the students to the academic subjects, such as lectures, tutorials, or examples presented in a traditional instructional way. Thus, sometimes these approaches fail to accomplish the complex educational objectives of different academic domains. In these domains, students have to assimilate and accommodate the information and knowledge in their own repertoire and be able to transfer this board of knowledge across the new varied domains of their prospective professional practices. Especially, when university students have to learn different conceptual perspectives from various academic interdisciplinary domains, the ability to reflect this knowledge in action, according to the demands of the different problems in their career. (Spiro et. al.,1991).Due to the fact that the teaching is a very complex process, CFTapproach is an important meta-cognitive way for teachers to develop their professional expertise. According to CFT, the way students are taught affects the method they acquire their cognitive structures, the representation and storage of information and knowledge. Furthermore, teachers could flexibly extend, understanding a wide range of the board of this knowledge in their professional practice. Information and knowledge should be presented in a variety of ways and techniques in order to be flexible to understand and solve the ill structured problems in a situated context.


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