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研究由安斯沃思附件建议有不同的分类方式。这是实验发现使用奇怪的情况。一个安全的风格定义了信任和可用性。逃避型的风格显示的不安全感和避免情绪和矛盾当孩子显示了舒适的欲望和不安全感。进行类似的实验是成年人通过色度和剃须刀。爱情测验是一个自我报告测试在成年人,他们被要求描述父母孩子的关系,看到这些与他们的成人依恋类型。(如木材等2007 p25)引用的另一种观点是,成人附件可以定义。研究由主要和高德温(1984)表明,成年人可以通过关闭附件获得安全



Research carried out by Ainsworth into attachment suggested there were different classifications of styles. This was found by use of the strange situation experiment. A secure style was defined by trust and availability. Avoidant style by displays of insecurity and emotional avoidance and ambivalent is when the child shows both desire and insecurity for comfort. A similar type of experiment was carried out on adults by Hazen and Shaver. The love quiz was a self-reporting quiz on adults where they were asked to describe parent child relationships with a view to seeing how these corresponded to their adult attachment type.(as cited in Wood et al 2007 p25) Another view is that adult attachments can be just as defining. Research carried out by Main and Goldwyn (1984) showed that adults could have earned security through their close attachments

As most studies have been based on the mother child relationship this study was designed to focus more on the male influences. Using thematic analysis of the filmed semi structured interview. This allowed the participants actual words to be analysed. Focusing on attachment theory the research question is “How do adults perceive that significant others in their lives have affected their development?