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由于这种赞助艺术,许多建筑和艺术的宝石在这期间产生。一些中世纪时期修建的建筑采用了哥特式或罗马式建筑风格,使用了先进的技术,这些建筑至今仍存在。比如Chartres大教堂,Laon大教堂,和st . Denis,都在法国,代表了当时建造的教堂、房屋和城堡的质量。在中世纪也产生了一些美丽的艺术品,经常被忽视,包括珠宝、陶器、金属制品、雕刻木制品、雕塑和插图手稿。大部分的艺术作品都是在教堂的背景下创作的,比如圣经故事的壁画、chalices、圣坛、圣像和天使和圣徒的雕像。商人阶层的兴起也使得肖像画非常受欢迎,同时也为个人使用诸如编织挂毯、装饰的手稿、餐具、珠宝和雕刻的家具等复杂的作品。


As a result of this patronage of the arts, many architectural and artistic gems were produced during this time. Some of the buildings built during the Middle Ages using the Gothic or Romanesque styles used such advanced techniques that these buildings are still existent today. The Chartres cathedral, the Laon Cathedral, and St. Denis, all in France for instance, represent the quality of the churches, houses, and castles built during that time. Also produced during the Middle Ages was some beautiful art work that is often overlooked, including jewelry, pottery, metalwork, carved woodwork, sculptures, and illustrated manuscripts. Most of the art work was created in the setting of the church, such as murals of Biblical stories, chalices, shrines, reliquaries, and statues of angels and saints. The rise of the merchant class also made portraits very popular, along with intricate work for personal use such as woven tapestries, decorated manuscripts, tableware, jewelry, and carved furniture.


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