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The school laboratories are like classroom where the students discuss and exchange their ideas. The interaction, discussion and hands-on activity are very important in education systems that are not satisfied by individual use of computer. The computer should be used in such a way that it could amplify and complement an idea but cannot replace intellectual exchanges between people. Every teacher should identify the both advantages and disadvantages of individual ICT tools. So they can make judgement at every stage of planning. While preparing the task for student, teacher should concentrate on learning objective and learning outcomes. They could use the technology to achieve their target. There is a risk in education system ICT becomes over dominated by the progress of hardware and software technology. The technology brings new invention in learning and teaching on regular basis. So it is not tough to engage with the new technology than to understand the implication in education system. All these above arguments show that pedagogy and technology are equally important. Technology itself cannot improve student innovation. The technology should join its hands with pedagogy and teachers play the vital role of using ICT for learning. The future success of ICT in science depends on how we use it to achieve our learning outcomes.


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