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穆斯林占18.2亿年全球市场潜在客户(全球穆斯林人口,2009)。伊斯兰宗教属性绑定到是非常重要的考虑当一个穆斯林决定出国旅行。考虑到潜在的问题将从non-Halal旅游、穆斯林游客可能决定不去某个目的地由于缺乏这些属性。根据Uysal et al。(2008年,p . 2008)的一项研究特定属性的任何目的地提供线索和/或见解,目的地营销人员可以使用在发展和促进他们的旅游目的地。Bogari et al。(2004)声称,目的地属性和问题有关伊斯兰文化被研究人员不能充分覆盖。实际上,这项研究集中在伊斯兰的目的地属性可以作为基地,吸引穆斯林游客在目的地营销计划。


The negative side of western tourism causing Halal tourism to be increasingly popular among Muslims is issues which have a negative impact on the Muslim community such as the consumption of alcohol, prostitution, inappropriate dressing, kissing in public and open affection between sexes in public (Sindiga, 1996). However, non-Muslim countries continue to attract Muslim families, including those from the Gulf region interested in visiting attractions such as nature parks as these comply with Islamic Shariah. In response to this the current study is an attempt to greater understand the new concept of ‘Halal tourism’.

Muslims constitute a global market of 1.82 billion potential customers (Muslim population worldwide, 2009). Islamic religious attributes are bound to be very important considerations when a Muslim decides to travel abroad. Given the potential problems expected from non-Halal tourism, the Muslim tourist may decide not to travel to a particular destination due to the absence of these attributes. According to Uysal et al. (2008, p. 413) a study of a the particular attributes of any given destination would provide clues and/or insights that destination marketers could use in developing and promoting their tourism destinations. Bogari et al.(2004) claim that destination attributes and issues pertaining to Islamic culture were not sufficiently covered by researchers. In effect, the study focuses in the Islamic attributes of destinations which could be used as a base to attract Muslim tourists in destination marketing programs.