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Nowadays, technology is the best sources that humans could created. Technology have many uses in all the world. We could find technology everywhere like in medicine, weapons and even in our houses. Technology is everything and also is an important tool for education because we could use it for teach and also learn in schools or colleges. Furthermore, each school has technology to support the knowledge of students, but while more technology have schools, they will be considerate better than the others. The last step to improve developing countries into develop one is improving all the technology from schools as many as they can. For example, people could use Duolingo – platform that teaches language through gaming (Segal, 2016) to learn in a funny way and creative way. Also technology is an excellent way to teach students because they like new things, and they want to discover things. So technology is like a motivated tool that make students want to learn by themselves.In summary, we could improve any developing country by increasing important skills such as creativity and innovation because creativity is process that you develop to make sense any ideas that you have in mind and innovation is the success of created any idea. So there are many steps to develop your abilities like the importance of schools should increase the hours of classes that help you develop your ideas and also it help you to make strongly opinions about any topic.


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