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Am interested in doing a postgraduate degree such as Masters in business administration (MBA) this will enlighten me more and I will have the qualifications required. The work of McMclland’s acquired need theory (1985) proposed that some important needs are not inherited but are learned. Most frequently studies are the needs for achievement, affiliation and power. People with strong need in these categories are often found in the role of entrepreneur, team co-ordination and top managers of large hierarchies. Team work is the key element to success in a business world.Overall Young enterprise graduates programme has enabled me to be a goal orientated individual with clear vision of future objectives, ability to listen and utilise effective communication skills. It helped me as an engineering student to develop positive attitudes and skills necessary for personal success, practical skills, employability, and lifelong learning. It encouraged me as an individual in gaining an understanding the potential of future employer also considering self-employment and business creation as possible future career options. This module gave me the opportunity to realise more about myself as a natural team player with desire for a future and keen to learn as well as willing to work hard in a fast moving challenging with a supportive environment. I am good at creating innovation solution to achieve goals. There is a great deal of emphasis on self directed learning in the module. This module has been a great experience as I have enjoyed the tasks developed skills for the world of work.


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