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科学教师发现,在他们的教学活动中选择的国家课程,到目前为止,最频繁的活动是“实际工作小组”紧随其后的“科学调查评估”(唐纳利和詹金斯1999)。另一方面,纳菲尔德基金会举办了一系列研讨会,科学教育从学校、大学、LEA和这些研讨会的结果是通过十个具体的建议表示。关键建议确定了当前科学课程的根本弱点,因为缺乏明确的目标。 麦卡斯基尔和Ogborn(1996)注重教学能力了解科技在我们生活中的重要性,科学和技术之间的联系的重要性。米勒(1996)注意到在人口科学素养发展的需要。雷克利夫(1998)解释说,在科学课上的良好实践应该澄清讨论的目的;使科学不开放;强调证据的性质;使用分析讨论的框架;重视学生的意见;仔细地分组学生并回顾活动。科学本质的另一种方法是通过开放的科学调查,涉及解决问题。国家课程的第一个版本有17个实现目标。sc17显著;原因是sc17题为“自然科学”与1992国家课程和进一步减少达到目标的数量从17到4的合理化,最新的GCSE课程是现在所谓的科学是如何工作的


The science teachers found that the choice of activities in their teaching of the National Curriculum, by far the most frequently reported activity was ‘practical work in groups’ closely followed by ‘scientific investigations for assessment’ (Donnelly and Jenkins 1999). On the other hand Nuffield foundation organised a series of seminars to which science educators from schools, universities, LEA’s and the outcome of these seminars were expressed through ten specific recommendations. The key recommendation identifies the fundamental weakness of the current science curriculum as the lack of clear aims.Macaskill and Ogborn (1996) stress the importance of teaching about capability of knowing about the importance of technology in our lives and the connection between science and technology. Millar (1996) have drawn attention to the need for developing scientific literacy in the population. Ratcliffe (1998) explained that the good practice in science lessons should clarify the purpose of the discussion; make the science un-open; emphasise the nature of the evidence; use a framework for analysing discussion; value pupil’s opinion; group pupils carefully and review the activity. Another approach to Nature of science is through open ended investigations in science which involve problem solving. The first version of the National curriculum had 17 attainment targets. Sc17 was significant; the reason was Sc17 was entitled ‘The Nature of Science’ with the rationalization of the National Curriculum in 1992 and a further reduction of the number of attainment targets from 17 to 4, the latest GCSE courses as what is now called ‘How Science Works’


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