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我的得分类型都有相同的主导功能。因此,这两种类型非常相似。ESTJ和ENTJ的区别是感觉/直觉。根据团队的技术(2009)ENTJ性格类型的分析,他们将组织生活在逻辑的基础上,分类,排序,并将事实和情况。采取一种非个人的方法,更多地关注系统和组织需求,而不是每个人的感受。基本上这两描述几乎是一样的,我同意,我这个人总是对逻辑的思考。Belbin Self Perception是剑桥人,Meredith Belbin研究员,为成功的团队的成员进行了深入的研究(莎丽,1998)。Meredith Belbin认为,由相似的人不会在一起很好的工作和缺乏创造力。Belbin确定比好的团队角色和状态,这些都是关键的团队角色是团队中的关键角色,创意团队需要这些角色的平衡是创造性的和成功的(莎丽,1998)。根据莎丽(1998),Belbin设计了一个“自我知觉量表”(类似于问卷调查),可以完成建立一个人的团队的关键角色是什么;虽然一个人通常有一个主导作用,他们可能会有一个后备的作用。


Both on my top-scoring types share the same dominant function. These two types are therefore very similar. The difference between ESTJ and ENTJ are the Sensing/ Intuition. According to team technology (2009) the ENTJ personality type analysis, they will organise life in on a logical basis, classifying, ordering, and directing facts and situations. Take an impersonal approach, focusing more on system and organizational needs than each individual’s feelings. Basically this two description is almost the same, and I was agree that I am the person is always thinking on logic.Belbin Self-Perception was a researcher from Cambridge, Meredith Belbin, has conducted in-depth research into the membership of successful teams (Sally, 1998). Meredith Belbin concluded that terms composed of similar people will not work well together and lack creativity. Belbin identified than nice team roles and state that these are the key team roles are the key team roles and that creative team need a balance of these roles to be creative and successful (Sally, 1998). According to Sally (1998), Belbin has designed a “Self Perception Inventory” (similar to a questionnaire) which can be completed to establish what a person’s key team role is; although a person usually has a dominant role they will probably have a back-up role.


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