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One of the main initiatives of the Chilean Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) has been the English Opens Doors Program, which seeks to ensure that all Chilean students reach instrumental mastery of English Language, so they can make use of it for functional purposes; therefore students may be able to enhance their academic and employment opportunities (MINEDUC, 2005). English Opens Doors aims to apply technical expertise and improve  the teaching of English as a Foreign Language (EFL), making it more accessible to all Chileans (Rohter, 2004). English Opens Doors was launched in 2003 and was supported by former President Michelle Bachelet  and Minister of Education Mónica Jiménez. Since its founding, internal regalations changed at schools, establishing the teaching of English Language from fifth grade in Primary to fourth grade in Secondary school.The National English Language Syllabus designed by the Ministry of Education, emphasizes the development of receptive skills: reading comprehension and listening comprehension. However, English Opens Doors program clearly states that written and oral production should not be overlooked, so not to limit the possibility of being proficient English-language user in all four skills (MINEDUC, 2002), and therefore be closer to the proposal of learning a foreign language through a communicative approach.


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