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In order to understand the concept of structural violence [ii], it is necessary to take, as a starting point, a structuralism’s concept. As oppose to rationalism [iii], structuralism maintains that states and individuals do not make decisions based on rationality. Alternatively, individual agents are neither entirely free nor capable of influencing any specific outcomes. Instead, “individuals are embedded in relational structures that influence their interests and interactions” [5]. A ‘nuclear debate’, which includes two Korean states, provides a splendid example to the hypothesis.

Two Korean states since the outbreak of 6-25 war have been under the form of ‘resting war’. During these later times, two Korean nations focused much of their resources on building effective weapons [iv] [6]. These trends will continue until recently. However, after North Koreans declaration of possessing a nuclear capability, little cold war between North and South Korea faces new triumph; the race for an ultimate weapon.