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道德使一个人了解什么是好是坏,什么是更好或更糟糕的是在我们的日常生活中。社会上的大多数人都有自己的宗教的道德价值,但另一方面的哲学家不认为宗教是重要的道德基础的基础。大多数社会都根据生活在那个社会中的人们的准则和价值观来设定自己的道德准则。道德为我们提供了领导我们生活的规则和规则(Oliver A. Johnson,2012)。它有助于一个人作出决定,并帮助他或她了解之间的区别是对与错,也为一个人提供了道德上的理由。




Ethics makes a person learn about what is good or bad and what is better or worse to do in our day to day life. Most of the people in the society got ethical values from their religion but the philosophers on the other hand do not think that religion is important for the base of ethical grounds. Mostly societies set their ethics of doing things according to the norms and values of the people living in that society. Ethics provides us the rule and regulations to lead our lives (Oliver A. Johnson, 2012). It helps a person in making decisions and helps him or her to understand the difference between right and wrong and also provides the moral grounds to a person.

We as Muslims believes strongly on our religious ethics and sets our societal ethics regarding the rules and regulations as stated in Islam and our moral values are so much based on our religion. As in the case of Ahmad, according to our values, it’s good to save money but the source from which the things are carried out does not support the ethics of our society too so it is better not to buy that fake watch.

According to Kant, the ethics of a person are based on the reason behind doing his or her actions. His philosophy is called as Critical Philosophy because he thinks that a philosopher should also consider the reasons of doing any certain action to solve any problem (Paton, 1947). In other words a philosopher must start by understanding the critical method behind the actual action of a person. He support the idea that legal framework is made by the government but a person is born with the fundamental rights which are in his nature and these are not set by any government or country.

According to Kant’s Philosophy, we will look for that why Ahmad wanted to buy a fake watch? The answer must be simple that he can’t afford original or only for the sake of saving money he wanted to buy the fake one. But if the fake manufacturers are not producing the things according to the ethics of business than, why to support them by buying the fake watch? So this theory will not allow Ahmad to buy the watch.