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在过去的几个世纪里,阿富汗儿童和青年的传统教育和学徒制主要集中在家庭和清真寺。宗教学校(madrassas,宗教学校)在何时何地开放,男孩们也可以进入。直到20世纪初,也就是1903年,在阿米尔·哈比布拉(Amir Habibullah)的统治下,阿富汗才出现了现代教育的迹象。这所学校模仿了印度高中的课程,而印度高中的课程本身是从英国借鉴过来的。哈比布拉通过增加印刷媒体、报纸、期刊和图书馆的支持来提高识字率。哈比比亚的一些学生被送往国外学习,特别是去了英属印度。哈比比亚高中多年来因其在为国家提供大量领导人方面所发挥的作用而赢得了声誉。然而,教育变革和现代化的步伐缓慢。很明显,有了新教科书的标准课程要求受过训练的教师熟悉教材内容;因此,1912年在喀布尔建立了第一个教师培训机构darl -al- malimin。第二年成立了一个教育部来处理促进初级教育的问题。阿米尔·哈比布拉任命他的儿子为处长。被选中入学的男生可以获得教育、免费学校用品和一小笔助学金。1912年,喀布尔建立了第一所师范学校,为小学培训教师.


Traditional education and apprenticeships for Afghan children and youth in previous centuries was centered on the home and the mosque. When and where madrassas (religious schools) became available, they were also accessible to boys. Signs of modern education did not appear in Afghanistan until the early 1900s, around 1903, under the reign of Amir Habibullah who founded the first secondary school, Habibia Lycee. This school was modeled after the Indian high school program which itself was adopted from the British who copied it from the French. Habibullah took steps to increase literacy through increases in print media, newspapers, journals, and the support of libraries. Some students from Habibia were sent abroad for study, especially to British India. Habibia high school gained a reputation over the years for its role in providing a large number of leaders for the nation. However, the pace of educational change and modernization was slow.It became clear that a standard curriculum, with new textbooks, required trained teachers knowledgeable in the text material; therefore, the first teacher training institute, Dar-al-Malimin, was established in Kabul in 1912. In the following year a Department of Education was established to attend to the issues of promoting primary education. Amir Habibullah appointed his son as department head. Education, free school supplies, and a small stipend were available to the male students selected to attend. In 1912, the first normal school was established in Kabul to train teachers for primary schools


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