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The knowledge is important to be given in the form of both practical and theoretical. The theoretical knowledge should be kept short and simpler but should be strict and rigid. It should not be too long because that could make learning process a little sluggish and lingering and to attain accuracy it should be simple. The theory should not be messed up with the practical knowledge. The student should not come across any doubts and errors while using the theoretical information in practice. The author’s point of view is that the erudition that have that can be proved should be utilized as well and vice-versa. Thus according to him there is no difference between proof and utilization and thus are the same things.The technologies such as computers and mobile phones both goes hand in hand with the current education system and also helps in establishing new ways of teaching methodologies and also encourages internet or online education that is even helpful for students that they can work along with their higher studies by perusing their studies through the medium of online education. This gives students the prospects to decide on their areas of. Not just this technology offers powerful learning tools that demand new skills and understandings of students, including Multimedia, and provides new ways to engage students, such as Virtual learning environments.


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