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Elementary school holds an important factor pertaining to future goals in Dental Hygiene. Reading is an important factor because it helps to improve our academic goal in Dental Hygiene helping us understand and indulge in the curriculum. Reading is an important factor in Dental Hygiene because Hygienist needs the specific ability to understand and comprehend what’s being treated. In the book, The New Public School Parent by Bob Chase he asserts, “One of the most valuable contributions you can make is to find a steady diet of books that are appropriate to your child’s reading level and will engage him” (216). This shows that reading dictates a child understanding; therefore, it’s important to choose the right level of reading for each child to help them understand. Learning how to read is an asset for a child’s future because it helps us prepare the future work force in Dental Hygiene.The school system in elementary school plays an important role because they’re the sole providers for a safe, healthy and educational program. The most important thing in elementary is a concentration, and I think that teachers should help students if they’re distracted from learning. In Barron’s Guide to medical and dental schools by Saul Wischnitzer and Edin Wischnitzer they assert that, “Your position in the classroom can influence your level of concentration. If you and your attention wandering, try to move to a place that is preferably near the front and, if possible, near the center, try to avoid sitting in a crowded area” (37). The author basically explains the importance of sitting in the front seat, to better understand and comprehend the important facts you can learn at school. Therefore, I think it’s an important to learn in elementary and not be distracted at such an early age. If confrontations occur and not every student has the opportunity to sit in the front then I think small class room sizes and should occur and good note taking as well. Students can always stay after and ask any questions that he or she feels like they didn’t get to utilize during the class. Whether because it was too crowded or what not. This is a good practice, especially in relation to the Dental Hygiene because Dental Hygienist needs to have a good concentration level in order to perform their duties. Good practice on concentration level’s because a Hygienist job curriculum is very crucial. They are always under a lot of pressure, and focus is an important factor.


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