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他们的董事会的目标是提供一个企业负担得起的股息政策,他们目前的政策有一个股息覆盖,“固定在2015/16年基础收益的两倍”(Sainsbury, 2016)。该组织向股东支付股息,以“继续专注于构建股东价值”。塞恩斯伯里向股东派发现金股息,股息分两笔支付。第一次支付是中期股息,支付时间为2016年12月/ 1月(Sainsbury, 2016),最后一次支付时间为2016年7月(Sainsbury, 2016)。2015/16年度,建议的最终股息为每股8.1便士,加上每股4便士的中期支付,全年股息为12.1便士(Sainsbury, 2016)。与往年相比,2014/15年度以来,拟派息下降8.3%,2014/15年度以来大幅下降30%。这种下降很可能是他们改变政策的结果,其目的是试图“增加他们的资产负债表”(j付德,2015),并帮助他们的降价融资,因为他们面临着来自折扣商店的竞争(j付德,2015)。森宝利还为股东提供了“股息再投资计划”。这是一项“特别安排的股票交易服务”,让股东“将其现金股息再投资于公司的股份”。有关股息的记录及支付日期,会影响机构的股价。股价将于“除息日”当日或前后下跌。这是因为在“除息率”之后购买的任何股票都没有资格获得下一个派息。塞恩斯伯里的除息日期是2016年5月12日。5月11日,Sainsbury ‘s的股价为263GBX,跌至252.50 GBX。这个价格下降大致相当于下一个股息。


their board of directors aim to provide a dividend policy that is affordable to the business, and their current policy has a dividend cover that is “fixed at two times the underlying earnings for 2015/16” (Sainsbury, 2016). The organisation pays dividends to its shareholders in order to “remain focused on building shareholder value”.Sainsbury’s pay out cash dividends to shareholders, which are paid out in two separate payments. The first payment is the interim dividends, which is paid in December/January, (Sainsbury, 2016) and the final dividend for the year is paid in July (Sainsbury, 2016). For the year 2015/16, the suggested final dividend is 8.1 pence per share, which along with an interim payment of 4 pence per share, will make the full year dividend 12.1 pence (Sainsbury, 2016). When comparing this proposed dividend to previous years, there has been a decrease of 8.3% since 2014/15 and a substantial decrease of 30% since 2014/15. This decrease is likely to be a result of their change in policy, which is aimed at trying to “boost their balance sheet” (Jefford, 2015) and to help fund their price cuts, as they are faced with competition from discount stores (Jefford, 2015). Sainsbury’s also offers shareholders a ‘Dividend Reinvestment Plan’. This is a “specially arranged share dealing service” which allows shareholders to “reinvest their cash dividends in the company’s shares” .The date in which dividends are recorded and paid will have an effect on the share price of the organisation. The share price will decrease on or around the date of the ‘Ex-dividend date’. This is because any shares purchased after the ‘ex-dividend rate’ is not eligible to receive the next dividend that is being paid out. Sainsbury’s ex-dividend date was on the 12th of May in 2016. The share price for Sainsbury’s was 263GBX on the 11th of May, and this decreased to 252.50 GBX. This price decrease is roughly the same amount of the next dividend.


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