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Online learning also encourages students to execute time management and practice a higher level of personal responsibility (Cavanaugh, 2001). To illustrate, Florida Virtual School students are able to choose the rate of course completion depending on their individual needs. Students are empowered to either extend or reduce their completion period from the traditional 36-week school year. In doing so, students are able to manage their time and customize the module or unit organizers provided to suit their needs. Flexibility in online learning comes with the student’s accountability to submit end products to their instructors. Students are free to submit course assignments at any time of the day in a given week but will still be subject to accountability measures. This model is very much comparable to virtual offices and telecommuting of today that allows flexibility but commands high accountability and quality expectations for the end product.Haughey and Anderson (1998) state that online, networked learning has the following advantages: communication and interaction; immediacy; permanence; diffusion; and, excitement. Interactive and interpersonal applications of digital technology facilitates the shift on how learning is approached. Online learning makes the move from an authority-based learning to one founded on discovery or experiential learning.


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