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Even though it may appear that I am trying to push my atheistic belief on to you, I really feel as if we are in my living room, having an interesting discussion on the topic-at-hand. I never set out to be anti-theist ( the fact that I am obviously outspoken in my dismissal of any organized religion says that I am, I suppose… ). I really do feel I am speaking for myself, even though it may seem to the contrary. At any rate my main goal is simply to try to enlighten, or at the very least engage, other people in trying to be reasonable when approaching the big questions of our being. As a theist there are questions you can ask yourself now, if you like. If you can try to answer them with some objectivity then you have moved up a rung or two on the ‘enlightenment-ladder’. Why do you pray every day? Why do you bow down and recite ancient texts to try to appease your gods? Why is it that you attend church every Sunday to listen to the pastor or rabbi ( or what-have-you ) talking about subjects that use quotes from primitive holy books? Why do you try to absolve yourself from wrong-doing and sin by invoking the memory of a supposed Jesus that died for all your sins, past, present and future? Why do you allow your infant children to pray before going to bed? Do you ever think to yourself. If I was born to Indian parents I would be worshipping a Hindu god and not the Judeo-christian one?” Try to answer these questions honestly and see what you end up with.

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