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对于一个大马概念的关键是练习相互尊重和信任马来西亚的种族差异。然而,相互尊重不仅仅是宽容[ 5 ]。这只是最低限度。相互尊重意味着我们接受了多样性的统一。其次,我们必须彼此信任。但信任不是一夜之间得到的。但如果随着时间的推移有意识地做,它最终会发生。一旦信任得到发展,马来西亚将成为所有种族的总和。我们不会像单独一个马来西亚那样单独地运动,我们会更加强大。这将是一个新的马来西亚,因为我们将改变我们的心态,因为我们相互信任和尊重。我们希望所有人都能加入我们,使马来西亚更上一层楼。这就是为什么青年领导计划派上用场,使青年人能够从最好的学习,真正发展自己的个人和专业!根据中学教育过渡的国家中心,青年领导活动可以帮助促进和参与促进健康的社区,并在领导活动的发展,以积极的态度发展强劲,与负责任的成年人和同龄人值得信赖的关系,相互作用和来自不同文化和种族背景的人合作,参与在各种各样的职业探索活动,保持对学习和终身学习,保持和展示一个健康的生活方式。


The key for the 1Malaysia concept is to practise mutual respect and trust among the different races in Malaysia. However, mutual respect is not just tolerance [5]. That is just the bare minimum. Mutual respect means we have embraced unity in diversity. And secondly, we must trust one another. But trust is not something gained overnight. But if done consciously over time, it will eventually happen. Once trust is developed, Malaysia will be the sum total of all races. We will not be moving as separate communities but as one Malaysia and we will be stronger. It will be a new Malaysia because we’ll change our mindset because we trust and respect each other. We hope all will join us to bring Malaysia to greater heights. That is why youth leadership programs come in handy whereby they enable the youths to learn from the best, and really develop themselves personally and professionally! According to the National Centre on Secondary Education and Transition, youth leadership activities can help contributing to and being involved in promoting the well being of the community, developing and using a positive attitude within leadership activities, developing strong, trustworthy relationships with responsible adults and peers, interacting and collaborating with individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, participating in a wide array of career exploration activities, maintaining a commitment to academic and lifelong learning, maintaining and demonstrating a healthy lifestyle.


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