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2020对公司的最终目的是使马来西亚成为一个发达国家,希望今天出生的人,在未来几年将是公民的最后一代人生活在一个国家被称为“发展中”。那么你可能会问的是一个“完全发达的国家”?正如马哈蒂尔博士所说,一个发达国家不仅要在经济上发展,而且要充分发展,包括政治、社会、精神、心理和文化等各个方面。[ 7 ]。上述标准进行了大量的真理在他们。就政治而言,如果执政的政府对他或她所服务的社会腐化堕落,那么这个国家就无法进步。一个不稳定的政治系统往往导致混乱,因为它导致公众示威,在某些情况下,公民和国家的国防机构之间可能发生暴力冲突。这样的暴力局面会造成恐惧和不安全感,而这些往往是影响外国投资者决定投资、继续投资或退出的主要因素。如前所述,人的生命是有限的,因此当前的管理身体总有一天需要更换,而这一更替最终将由现在的一代成功。


The ultimate aim of Vision 2020 is to make Malaysia a fully developed country, hoping that Malaysians born today and in the years to come will be the last generation of citizens to live in a country that is called ‘developing’. What then you might ask is a “fully developed country”? Just as Dr. Mahathir put it, a developed country should not only be developed in the economic sense but also be fully developed along with all other dimensions namely politics, social, spiritual, psychology and culture [7]. The aforementioned criteria carry a significant amount of truth in them. In terms of politics, if the ruling government is corrupted and insensitive towards the community he or she serves, the country will not be able to progress. An unstable political system often results in chaos as it results in public demonstrations whereby in some cases, violent clashes between citizens and the nation’s defense body may occur. Violent situations like this creates an image of fear and insecurity and often these are the major factors that influences the decision of foreign investors on whether to invest, continue investing or to pull out. As mentioned earlier on, human life is finite, hence the current governing body will need replacement someday and this replacement will ultimately be succeeded by the current generation – the youths.


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