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We would like to share with you, what are the specifics impacts, characteristics of the career, and maybe even personality attributes that draw people toward and apart from the dental hygiene profession? What is required to make it happen once selecting this career? We will try and identify the problems many students face when trying to pursue this career. They are interested in together with the dental hygiene program which is an extremely competitive, has a one way lane, and it can only be a one way each direction. You essentially must be a straight “A” student in all your courses in order to be the top twenty students. Dental Hygienists can create his or her own flexible working schedule. They are not restricted to a regular forty hour week working schedule. Elementary school has a huge impact on a person’s career path. In Elementary a child learns how to read, and they take that with them throughout their whole career and lifelong path. The school system in elementary also has a huge impact on a child due to the surroundings and the curriculum given to individuals. It’s also important because the teachers are a huge impact to every child and the materials given to them as well. Lastly, I would like to mention an individual child’s ability to learn that’s greatly influenced by Louanne Johnson’s book and Charles Murray’s book as well. The author stresses the contraindication that’s influenced by these abilities. The influences are things such as incompetent inherited flaws and/ or simply alerted notifications called abilities.


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