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A simple survey was administered to 40 teachers and interviews were conducted with five more teachers. The teachers believe that utilising IWBs will improve student motivation, motivation, involvement in learning, teacher-student interaction and ability to learn new concepts. Most teachers do view the IWB as a tool for them to use in their teaching. Teachers are using their IWBs on a reasonably regular basis. They view this tool as useful for teachers as well as students. Teachers believe that IWBs make their job easier in terms of lesson planning, pacing lessons, lesson flow, organisation, and ability to orchestrate classroom interaction.While IWBs are readily available for use, there is a major problem with teacher training for their use. As more than one-half of the teachers in this research project had no formal training in the use of interactive white boards, it is unlikely that the desired governmental educational changes could reasonable be expected to occur. As long as teachers are being given technology without the training to give them a depth of understanding, they will reasonably implement this technology from the pedagogical knowledge they have.


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