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In your opinion, do you think that failure to address any ethical issues reduced the credibility of the results from this Project? (Gave readers an excuse to discount those findings?).I personally do not believe that credibility of this project was any affected by any ethical issues that may have arose. The manner in which the student created the questionnaire for example, once a respondent had entered their age the system would determine whether they were of legal age to participate in the questionnaire before proceeding. This was vital in ensuring that minors did not accidentally participate in the study without parental consent. There was no reason from the project report that would indicate to readers to question the findings. However there are issues that I believe should be raised about the reliability of the results obtained. To me personally the targeted group does not appear to be the typical grocery shopper. I think it would have been a much more captivating if the questionnaire was made available to supermarkets to allow their customers to provide their opinions as well giving a much wider scope of participants and ensuring that the results are justified.


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