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When we learn about the Civil Rights issues America faced early in its infant years as a nation, we learn that black slaves were treated unequally because the simple difference in the color of their skin. White overseers and masters would have their way and do as they pleased over them with no remorse because they were considered property, not humans. After generations of mistreatment, disrespect and brutality, freedom finally came to all former slaves. Soon after, the United States granted their freedom with addition of the 14th amendment in 1868 which gave them the right of due process and equal protection of the law. Now that African American’s were free and protected by the law, they began to make use of their rights by sending their kids to school with the white kids. This caused an uproar in the classrooms. Children are mirror images of the one’s that raised them, and since most of the white kid’s parents were not okay with the new freedoms of African Americans, hatred and disorder were day to day issues at almost every public school in America. The problem, at the time, was not only from the children in these schools; teachers, staff and faculty members were a major obstacle for African American children to receive the same level of education as the neighboring, white children.Though African American children were on the spotlight of this educational gridlock, they were not the only race to encounter road blocks in their children’s education; any minority race or ethnicity were also thrown into the mix as races that did not belong. It took up until near the end of the century, for the issue to be tried at the Supreme Court in the case of Plessy v Ferguson. The court ruled that all establishments must be “separate but equal” to all private businesses. As a result of the ruling, minority races were forced to attend establishments that were specifically for them. For example, black children were not permitted to attend the “white’s only” schools, drink from “white’s only” water fountains, eat at the “white’s only” cafe’s nor use the “white’s only” facilities and commodities. Instead they had their own places where minority groups may do the things the supreme white men, women, and children did. These separate accommodations and facilities were always found in poor condition and lacked basic maintenance. You could easily distinguish which facilities were for the white’s and which were not.


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