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However, models being too ‘simplified’ may hinder the search for knowledge. A child may see a paper-plane as a model that represents its ‘objective’ that is, a real aeroplane. The basic physics of a paper-plane has some similarity to that of real aeroplanes. For example, in both cases, the wings are an important factor as the ‘lifting’ of a plane occurs when the wing slices the air to cause more pressure underneath it. However, paper-planes often lead children into confusion when compared with a real one – an actual aeroplane floats longer and a paper-plane eventually rests to ground. Maps are also another example of ‘simplified’ representations as they define the Earth on a flat surface with some semantic approach. Maps are created in order to communicate information to the map readers and consequently they represent their objectives according to the intentions of the readers. However, cartography being called modelling can be questioned – if the reader lacks map reading skills and is unable to locate himself, won’t maps then hinder the search for knowledge for that individual? Mathematical models play a vital role in almost all kinds of fields, especially those in the natural sciences, engineering and the human sciences. A mathematical model represents a structure or a system using mathematical language which can exist in many different forms. These include statistical models in the human sciences, exponential growth in the natural sciences and differential calculus in engineering fields. Mathematical terminology and symbolic equations are difficult to understand and therefore the theoretical aspect of the models is reinforced by visual representations such as charts, graphs and diagrams.


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