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Food, cloth and shelter are the most important basic needs of a human being whether s/he lived in ancient period or modern period like nowadays. Only thing that has changed is their type and origins. Food has been an inevitable need since the existence of man as well as for the existence of human being. Early man used to eat raw meat, whenever they found a dead animal, However, during harsh weather seasons, there was a paucity of food, so as it is said necessity is the mother of invention, which led to the domestication of food product which in other words can be classified as Agriculture. In ancient time human explored the possibilities to make available food by growing them near their shelter so that the basic need of food could be met. They brought seeds of plants (mostly grains) and sowed them near his shelter, where they understood the importance of water, light and other requirements for optimal growth of food plants. The similar principles and need also led to start domestication of different wild animals which helped them to improve their living condition and now to satisfy their hunger. They need not go for hunting; as animals are available to them at closer proximity as well as they need not to deal with the dangerous condition of hunting, too. Domestication of wild animal was the start of observation, implication and application of animal breeding. Certainly we can say that these were the initial times for the evolution of farming, which led to another need like development of methods for food preservation and storage, where they used cold caves to preserve food for long-term storage as well as evolution for the pots for the storage of food products in the form of leather bags, clay jars, etc.


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