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本作业将比较两个学习理论家及其对教与学的影响。我主要关注皮亚杰和维果茨基,而杰罗姆布鲁纳也会被提及。首先,作业将描述和批判地分析Jean Piaget的认知发展理论。其次,我将描述和批判地分析利维•维果茨基的社会认知发展理论的优缺点。将对这两种学习理论进行检验和比较,以及它们对有效教学实践的影响。然后我将继续评估它在教学和学习方面对单个孩子的影响,考虑到他们的发展需求以及孩子的成熟。在这个作业中也会提到学校。出于隐私考虑,孩子和学校的名字都不会公开。


This assignment will compare two learning theorists and the impact they have on teaching and learning. My main focus will be on Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky however Jerome Bruner will also be mentioned. Firstly, the assignment will describe and critically analyse Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Secondly, I will describe and critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of Lev Vygotsky’s theory of socio cognitive development. Both learning theorists will be examined and compared along with the implications they have on effective teaching practice.I will then move on to evaluate the impact it has on an individual child in terms of teaching and learning, taking their development needs into account as well as talking about maturation of the child. The school will also be mentioned throughout this assignment. The name of both the child and the school will not be disclosed due to privacy.


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