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教育可以被认为是社会拥有的最重要的资产,因为知识是人们在任何情况下都不会丢失的无价财富,知识分享得越多,进步得就越快。因此,基础教育是获得基础知识的基础,没有基础知识,孩子们的梦想就不可能实现。基础教育可以比作一个人在生活中迈出的第一步,如果不先学会走路,人们是不可能跑步的(Long, 2000)。基础教育为孩子们提供了一个拥有稳定互动群体的机会。通常,当孩子们远离熟悉的面孔时,他们往往会因离别焦虑而痛苦。然而,随着时间的推移,随着孩子们开始上学前班,他们每天都有规律地与相似的面孔互动。这就导致了与其他同龄孩子的依恋,这对孩子的成长和发展至关重要。因此,基础教育为孩子们提供了一个稳定的同伴群体互动、玩耍和分享,而与基础教育相关的成年人除了祖父母和父母外,还帮助孩子们发展出信任老年人的基本特征。因此,基础教育可以让孩子们交朋友,在孩子上幼儿园的时候,这些朋友可以促进词汇的习得和发展。当孩子们与同龄人交谈时,他们也学会了如何做出个人决定和选择。他们也能够参与和享受各种各样的活动和游戏与他们的朋友。在学校,他们的听力能力发展,他们也获得了分享和轮流的概念。此外,当孩子从老师那里得到认可和鼓励时,这有助于他们发展自信和设定个人目标。


Education can be considered to be the most vital asset that the society has because knowledge is the priceless wealth that people will never mislay under any circumstances, and the further the knowledge gets shared, the further it will advance. Therefore, elementary education forms the foundation for gaining basic knowledge without which the dream of children will become impossible. Elementary education can be compared to the first stride that a person takes in life, it is impossible for people to run without first learning how they can walk (Long, 2000).Elementary education offers children an opportunity to have a group that is stable to interact. Usually, when children stay away from familiar faces, they tend to suffer for parting anxiety. However, with time and as the children start to attend preschool, they interact with similar faces daily and regularly. This results to attachment with other children of their age, an aspect which is very vital in the growth and development of a child. Therefore, elementary education offers children a stable peer group interaction, playing, and sharing, whereas, adults who are associated with elementary education assists to develop the essential traits in children of trusting older people besides their grandparents and parents. Therefore, elementary education enables children to make friends who facilitate acquisition and development of vocabulary as children attend preschool. As children converse with their peers, they also learn how to make personal decisions, as well as choices. They are also able to participate and enjoy various activities and games with their friends. When in school, their listening ability develops, they also acquire the concept of sharing and turn taking. In addition, when children receive recognition and encouragement from their teachers, it helps them to develop self confidence and set personal goals .


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