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另一种形式的健康风险,精神上的而不是身心上的,是药物成瘾的一面和对其健康风险的忽视。密歇根大学(university of Michigan)药物滥用与研究中心(Substance Abuse and Research Center)的一名教授报告称,在过去一年里,4.1%的美国大学生曾服用处方兴奋剂进行非处方使用。(Talbot, 654)这意味着,总的来说,4.1%的美国大学生滥用处方药的目的不是为了使用它。据塔尔伯特说,其他一些学校的报告称,“这个数字是25%”,这一比例要高得多。“2002年,一所小型大学的一项研究发现,超过35%的学生在过去一年里曾在非医学领域使用处方兴奋剂”(654)。这些数字相差甚远,但仍然是需要注意上瘾迹象的数字。FDA在Adderall的标签上警告说“安非他明有很高的滥用潜力,并能导致依赖”(Talbot, 654)。同样,一个健康问题是。fda认可了Adderall的使用,“然而大学生倾向于认为Adderall和利他林是良性的,部分原因是他们可能认识一些从童年就服用这种药物治疗多动症的同龄人。”(Talbot, 654)如果它看起来对他们无害,怎么可能对你有害呢?Adderall和类似的药物都是专门用来帮助ADHD的,其效果我们还不清楚。尽管如此,《自然》杂志公布的一项在线民意调查结果显示,“69%的人认为轻微的副作用是可以接受的。”(Talbot, 655)有争议的是,轻微的风险可能是可以接受的,但对于危及生命的风险该说些什么呢?


Another form of health risk, mental rather than psycho-somatic, is the addiction side of the drug and the ignorance of its health risks. Though users view it to be harmless, “a professor at the university of Michigan’s Substance Abuse and Research Center, reported that in the previous year 4.1 percent os American undergraduates had taken prescription stimulants for off-label use.”(Talbot, 654) That means a general 4.1 percent of American undergraduates abused the prescription drug for purposes other than it should be used. According to Talbot, some other schools reported, “the figure was 25 percent”, a significantly higher percentage, and “ A 2002 study at a small college found that more than 35 percent of the students had used prescription stimulants non medically in the previous year”(654). These numbers are far apart, but still numbers to be looked at in order notice signs of addiction. “An FDA warning on Adderall’s label notes that “amphetamines have a high potential for abuse and can lead to dependence”(Talbot, 654). Once again, a health concern is .FDA recognized with the use of Adderall, “Yet college students tend to consider Adderall and Ritalin benign, in part because they are likely to know peers who have taken the drugs since childhood for ADHD.”(Talbot, 654) If it seems harmless to them, how can it be harmful to you, right? Adderall and drugs like it are prescribed for the specific use to help ADHD, for effects we have yet to understand. Despite this, the results of an online public poll published by Nature, reported that, “69 percent said that mild side effects were an acceptable risk.”(Talbot, 655) Debatably, the mild risks may be acceptable, but what is to be said about the life threatening risks.


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