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尽量避免谈论这篇文章。相反,谈论研究或提出的观点。Griffiths(2000)讨论了与教师和教师教育相关的反思这个术语。她特别借鉴了Schon (YEAR)对两种反射的定义,即在行动中的反射和在行动中的反射。本文探讨了反思的不同定义及其相互关系,探讨了反思与不同国家、不同文化背景下的初任教师教育课程的关系。此外,还提出了关于反思的价值和目的的问题,特别是在反思与教师教育的实际关系的背景下。另一项研究是Jay和Johnson(2002)做的,他们研究了反思的各个方面。它们提供了一种类型,旨在指导教师教育者对职前教师进行教学反思。通过对反思的简要回顾,定义了反思、反思过程及其内容,并提出了反思的类型。类型学的轮廓包括三个方面的反思性思维,即描述性思维、比较性思维和批判性思维。


Try to avoid talking about the article. Instead, talk about the study or the ideas presented. Griffiths (2000), discussed the term reflection as it relates to teachers and teacher education. She drew particularly on Schon’s (YEAR) definitions of two types of reflection, which are reflection-in-action and refection-on-action. In the article, differing definitions of reflection and their inter-relationship are explored, and how these relate to courses of initial teacher education in a variety of countries and cultural contexts is discussed. In addition to this, questions about the value and purpose of reflection were also raised, especially in the context of its practical relevance to teacher education.Another study is done by Jay and Johnson (2002) who explored the facets of reflection. They provided a typology designed to guide teacher educators in teaching reflection to pre-service teachers. After a short review on reflection, they defined the term reflection, reflection process and its content, and the typology of reflection is presented. The profile of typology consisted of three dimensions of reflective thought which are descriptive, comparative, and critical.


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