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Another example of this is a person’s view on the world from when they were younger to when they become older. For instance, as a child we are taught that the opposite sex is annoying, strange and can spread a fictional disease, sometimes called cooties. As children we all accepted this as common fact and dare not test the theory to be incorrect. However, with the test of time, or aging, we start to view the opposite sex as attractive in certain ways. Therefore, we end up discarding what we thought was pure fact and knowledge as a child. There is proof of this because there are males and females getting married, starting families and having serious relationships worldwide.Things that are currently accepted as knowledge are easily open to be discarded in the future. Nothing is permanent because what we believe constantly changes. This is due to technology and research on different subject matter being furthered. However, if any piece of knowledge is accepted or discarded entirely depends on the person. There are many cases to show that generally, yes, knowledge has been accepted and discarded throughout time, but in the end it is always up to a single person to determine if they want to accept a piece of knowledge or to discard a piece of knowledge because it is their belief. People’s beliefs change over time because the world around us is constantly changing and there is no way to stop that, thus there will be a large number of ideas that will be accepted and discarded in society in the future.


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