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许多人认为,有太多的因素,如紫外线辐射和极端的温度环境,可以抑制火星上的生命形式。虽然地球到太阳的距离远小于太阳到火星的距离,但我们的大气层保护着地球上的生物。研究表明,火星上存在着一种大气,通过识别一个不重要的臭氧层,然而这种大气不是最适合生物体,但不太可能成为生命的限制因素(Cockell, et al., 2000)。一些既反对也同意外星生命理论的论点包括维京探险者进行的研究和登陆火星的火星勘测计划。这些人造设备研究了大气和土壤的表层发现一个非常高的氧化可能抑制经济增长的因素将生活物质转换为有限公司²,以及研究沉积岩在地球表面。在火星上寻找生命显示出个人理论和科学研究的有趣差异。生源说是一种理论,认为生物体可以通过陨石在宇宙中传播。这个理论最初是由Arrhenius提出的,他认为活着的细菌可以通过太空运输,因此认为这是地球上生命起源的原因(Tepfer, 2008)。这些陨石是通过太阳系中巨石和(或)行星的碰撞从板块表面投射出来的。许多陨石从火星降落到地球,包括ALH 84001, NWA 1195, NWA 2046, DaG 476和最新的NWA 2626。这些陨石中最著名的是alh84001,它显示了生命形式嵌入在陨石的证据。由D。Stoffler et al . .在火星陨石中观测到的压力范围在5到50 GPa之间。细菌孢子、蓝藻和地衣(它们似乎都嵌在陨石ALH 84001中)暴露在这个范围的冲击压力下。研究表明,细菌孢子和地衣可以承受高达45 GPa的压力,而蓝藻在10 GPa时被杀死。这项研究暗示了整个宇宙生命从一颗行星转移到另一颗行星的可能性.


It is believed by many that there are too many factors such as UV radiation and extreme temperature environments which could inhibit a life-form on Mars. Although the distance from Earth to the Sun is considerably less than that of the Sun to Mars, our atmosphere protects living organisms on Earth. Studies have shown that an atmosphere is present on Mars through the identification of an insignificant ozone layer, however this atmosphere is not the most suitable for living organisms but unlikely to be a life limiting factor (Cockell, et al., 2000). Some arguments which both oppose and agree with the theory of extra-terrestrial life include studies carried out by the Viking Explorers and MER programmes which landed on Mars. These man-made devices studied the atmosphere and the top layer of soil to discover a very high oxidation factor which could inhibit growth by converting living matter to CO², as well as studying sedimentary rocks on the surface of the planet. The search for life on Mars shows interesting differences in both personal theories and scientific studies.Panspermia is the theory that living organisms can be transported throughout the Universe, travelling in meteorites. The theory was first proposed by Arrhenius who believed that living bacteria could be transported through space, and therefore believed this was the reason for the beginning of life on Earth (Tepfer, 2008). These meteorites are projected from the surface of plates through collisions of boulders and/or planets in the Solar System. Many meteorites have landed on Earth from Mars, including ALH 84001, NWA 1195, NWA 2046, DaG 476 and the latest NWA 2626. The most famous of these meteorites is ALH 84001 which shows evidence of a life-form embedded in the meteorite. The theory of Panspermia can be justified by a study carried out by D.Stöffler et al.. The range of pressures observed in Martian meteorites range between 5 and 50 GPa. Bacterial spores, cyanobacteria and lichens (all of which appear to be embedded in the meteorite ALH 84001), were exposed to this range of shock pressure. The study revealed that bacterial spores and lichens could withstand the pressure up to 45 GPa while cyanobacteria was killed at 10 GPa. This study implies the potential for transfer of life throughout the Universe from one planet to another


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