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本报告批判性地评估了学习理论在14-19级应用科学课堂中的应用。它探讨了行为主义,尽管是一个过时的理论,如何仍然在现代课堂上相关,并仍然用于制定奖励和制裁政策的现代学校。对皮亚杰的认知发展理论的影响进行了评估,并指出如果按照皮亚杰的要求应用,可能会出现哪些困难。严格遵守皮亚杰成熟阶段的影响受到了批评,以及如何不可能坚持在学校设定进步的年龄。对Kolb、Vygotsky和Bruner的建构主义方法进行了比较,结果表明,当应用于一个有积极性的类时,它们的工作方式与最初的预期一致,而当应用于一个更加不满的类时,它们就不那么容易应用了。科学教室对于学生来说是一个天生危险的工作场所(Frost, Turner, 2005, p.168)。因此,有必要向学生灌输一定程度的“纪律”,以确保他们在科学课堂上尽量减少对自己和他人的危险。有必要使学生“适应”(《儿童》,1997年,114-121页)学生在发出某些命令时表现良好。行为理论家们认为,大脑是一块空白的“白板”,我们可以观察到机体对刺激的反应。


This report critically evaluates how learning theories are applied in the 14-19 Applied Science classroom. It examines how behaviourism, although an outdated theory, is still relevant in the modern classroom and is still used in developing the rewards and sanctions policies of the modern school. The impact of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development is evaluated and what possible difficulties might arise if they were applied exactly as Piaget dictated. The impact of adhering rigorously to Piaget maturational stages is criticised and how it might not be possible to adhere to set ages for progression in a school. Kolb, Vygotsky and Bruner’s constructivist approaches are compared and shown that, when applied to a motivated class they work as they were originally intended and yet when applied to a more disaffected class, they aren’t as easily applied.The science classroom is an inherently dangerous place for students to work in (Frost, Turner, 2005, p.168). It is therefore necessary to instil a level of ‘discipline’ in the students, to ensure they minimize the dangers to themselves and others in the science classroom. It is necessary to ‘condition’ (Child, 1997, pp.114-121)the students to behave when certain commands are issued. Behaviour theorists believed that the mind was a blank slate ‘tabula rasa’ and that we could observe the response to stimulus that happened to an organism.


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