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Balance is defined as having different parts or elements properly or effectively arranged, proportioned, regulated, considered, etc., (Webster, 208). Regarding literacy, all the different parts and elements that make up a balanced literacy program consist of various components such as phonemic awareness, phonics, text recognition, reading, spelling, and handwriting. All of these variables create a regulated proportion that provides a balance for literacy learning.Literacy is the ability to read, write, listen, speak, compute and think strategically (Common Core State Standard for Literacy, 2018). It is a vital element in a child’s learning and it begins during infancy when they listen and begin to repeat sounds and then words? In this infancy, stage children are learning to formulate words, learn the meaning of things and give names to objects by watching what adults do and say. Some might call this the beginning of literacy as children learn words, vocabulary, and sounds, some may even learn to recognize words when they see them which we refer to as reading. This learning is further developed while the child is in school making Early Childhood Education detrimental to early literacy. The most common understanding of literacy is that it is a set of tangible skills – particularly the cognitive skills of reading and writing.By analyzing the terms “balanced” and “literacy” we can now merge these analyses to further explain what a balanced literacy program consists of. A balanced literacy program uses the whole language along with phonics. The goal of an efficient balanced literacy program incorporates the strength of both language and phonics. The main purpose of balanced literacy is to provide students with a different way of learning to read and write. It helps to develop skills that help them to become better students. The balanced literacy programs teach students strategies such as sequencing, comparing and contrasting, summarizing, problem-solving and finding the main idea and supporting details. A strong balanced literacy program should include the following components: read-aloud, guided-reading, independent reading, small-group, and assessment


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