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那么,社交媒体到底是什么?今天这一代的青少年在社交媒体上寻找所有的答案。如果你想知道最新的趋势是什么,或者当地社区刚刚发生了什么,你只需点击一个按钮就能找到你想要的东西。交流被称为一种消遣,在这种消遣中,一群人在网上相互联系,以一种简单的方式分享关于文字、图片、视频、音频信息等的信息(Moreno, 2016)。这种交流方式在全世界的青少年中越来越受欢迎。另一方面,莫雷诺还认为,网络犯罪可能比传统的恃强凌弱更具挑战性。如果以正确和负责任的方式使用,会有积极的结果。Huffman(2013)说这些网络应用可以帮助青少年通过学习来自世界不同地方的不同观点来找到他们的真实身份。她还指出,社交媒体让社会变得更加忙碌。这使学生能够建立关系,并与周围有相同兴趣的人更好地联系。然而,社交媒体的一个缺点是,它开始在学校系统中产生负面影响。这导致了互联网问题的一个最大的主要原因,网络欺凌。


So, what exactly is social media? Today’s generation of adolescents look to social media for all the answers. If one wants to know what the latest trend is or what just happened in their local community, they can find what they are looking for with just a click of a button. It is communication that is referred to as a pastime in which groups of individuals connect with each other online to share information in a simple way regarding words, pictures, videos, audio messages, and much more (Moreno, 2016). This form of communication is increasing and becoming more and more popular with adolescents all across the world. On the other hand, Moreno also provided that cybercrime can be more challenging to handle than traditional bullying. There can be positive results if used in a correct and responsible way. Huffman (2013) said these networking applications can help adolescents find their true identity by learning about different perspectives from different places of the world. She also indicates that social media allows society to be more engaged. This enables the students to build relationships and better connect with those who have the same interests around them. However, one of the downfalls of social media is that it is beginning to evolve negatively in school systems. This leads to one of the biggest leading causes of internet issues, Cyberbullying.


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