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美国留学生作业代写 食谱


美国留学生作业代写 食谱

This project will consist of an artefact which is a cookbook. The cookbook has been specially designed for university students to enhance not only their independence but also encourage healthy eating with recipes that consist of nutritional value, this creates an incentive for a healthier lifestyle therefore allowing the intention of this project to be fulfilled. The intention of this project is out of personal interest as cooking is a hobby and something that is done for other people and a skill that is desired to be developed by many university students, which is an option by many hence why this project is being fulfilled. The skills that are required will be used in the future as a reference and to help others have and live a healthier lifestyle. Consequently, this artefact is important because university students are either living off the bare minimum and wasting money by ordering take outs, which does not profit their health, so this cookbook was created to be a better and healthier alternative whilst being fun and creative in terms of a diet. The process in which this project will endeavour on will be lengthy and requires lots of patience and time. The first process will be the research which entails, researching different foods that will be encompassed within the cookbook. As well as the research will include the finding of different cultures and ethnic groups and discovering their cuisine examples of these are; Asian, African European and many more. In addition to this the research also takes account of the finding of deserts that will be contained within the cookbook, also there will be research on the nutritional value of different kinds of foods for the body. Not all foods that are consumes have nutritional value for the body, especially the healthy ones, hence why the cookbook will be outlining the ones that are good for the body and including them within the cookbook. Then after the practicing of making the foods will take about 3 weeks with continuous cooking, this is so that the recipes can be perfected and then the next process of putting the images in the book will commence.

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