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Crito presents many reasons to Socrates for why Socrates should escape. The first two are fairly weak. The third, concerning Socrates’ responsibility to his children is the strongest. Crito’s first argument is that if Socrates does not escape, then Socrates will then in turn be hurting Crito in two ways. One Crito will lose a good friend when Socrates dies and Crito’s reputation will in turn be hurt too. People won’t know that Socrates chose to remain in jail, they will think Crito had the opportunity to get Socrates out but that he did not do so because he was not willing to spend the money. With that Crito will get a reputation for caring more for money than for a friend. This argument only considers the consequences of Socrates’ action for Crito. In Crito’s second argument, he speculates about why Socrates does not want to escape. He says that if Socrates is worried that by escaping he will harm his friends who could get in trouble for trying to helping him escape, then his fears are unfounded. They are willing to risk this or even something worse for him, and it is cheap to pay off both the guards along anyone who might inform on them, so there will not be much risk. While it may be possible to pay people off, there is still the question of whether it is moral. In his third argument Crito mentions Socrates’ responsibility to his children. As their father, it is Socrates’ responsibility to see that his children are brought up well and educated, and he cannot do this if he is dead. Crito appeals to what is important to Socrates. He points out that pursuing goodness is how Socrates wants to lead his life, and that a good man would see that his children are cared for. Crito says that staying in jail is the easy thing to do, but escaping takes courage, and the right thing to do is to be brave for the sake of his children.


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