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Post compulsory education is optional, but to enter a respectable career individuals usually must continue their education in order to achieve their financial and/or personal goals. The primary objective of post compulsory education is surely to enhance an individuals potential for their future, to add value to themselves and make them a more attractive proposition for a potential employer. Post compulsory education has become an essential part of the educational system in our society by being the right step for many different people with many different circumstances. For some students it provides a vehicle of transition from school to university.For those people that are considering a career change, the post compulsory education provides the opportunity to learn a new skill or trade at a every reasonable cost, more importantly if employers can be persuaded to contribute financially there is the prospect of increasing the pool of well qualified people at reduced cost to the exchequer.Given the above it may be an idea for the Government to take care of the initial set up and then leave market forces to prevail and see to what extent further education attracts the interest of the people who will ultimately test the skills of the student, the employers. The rules of the game will need to be clearly defined and held up for scrutiny, the most important in my opinion – only fund what is required and works, there’s nothing that focuses the mind like traceability and accountability!


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