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美国留学生作业代写 作品的探索

随后,这篇论文将涉及到对过去作品的探索,回顾白在有色群体中具有强大意义的历史和手段。凄凉的作品(2009、2011),提供了主要的模板以及辅助源文档包括链接、格伦(2008),雅各布斯et al。(2016),梁(2006),其中,广泛讨论的历史实践的皮肤美白,尤其是非洲血统的女性,以及媒体的作用和使用名人形象的完美和较高的社会和经济资本通过拥有较轻的皮肤色调。因此,本文将首先由历史的美白的结果系统的压迫和资本主义意识形态,美白的普及和健康的影响,以及业务的皮肤漂白的生产商,广告商和消费者,他们站来获得。许多学者认为,皮肤漂白是过去白人在黑人社区/国家的统治体系导致的结果。例如,Gooden(2011年,第82页)指出,“皮肤漂白被认为是各种压迫制度的直接结果,是白人在奴隶时期造成的危机。”雅各布斯等人(2016)还提出,皮肤漂白的传统起源于殖民时代,在那里,肤色较浅的人享有更多的社会经济特权。因此,这些系统的压迫,即殖民主义奴役,已经合法的白人对黑人或有色人种,以及看到浅肤色的人被低社会支持会导致少数民族,在这种情况下,黑人或有色人种,浅肤色上放置更多的价值。

美国留学生作业代写 作品的探索

Subsequently, this paper will involve an exploration of past works, reviewing the history and the means through which whiteness became powerfully significant in communities of color. Works of Blay (2009, 2011) which provides the primary template as well as link to secondary sources including, Glenn (2008), Jacobs et al. (2016), Leong (2006), among others, who discuss extensively the history of the practice of skin whitening, especially among women of African descent, as well as the role of the media and the use of celebrities in the portrayal of perfection and higher social and economic capital through possession of lighter skin shades. Thus, this paper will first consist of the history of skin lightening as an outcome of systems of oppression and capitalist ideology, the popularity and health implications of skin lightening, as well as the business of skin bleaching in terms of producers, advertiser and consumers, and what they stand to gain.Various scholars have identified skin bleaching as resultant from past systems of white dominance in black communities/countries. For instance, Gooden (2011, p.82) noted that ‘skin bleaching is recognized as a direct outcome of various systems of oppression, a crisis created by whites during the enslavement period.’ Jacobs et al. (2016) also posited that the origin of skin bleaching tradition found in the colonial era, where persons with lighter skin shades enjoyed more socio-economic privileges. Thus, these systems of oppression, namely, colonialism and enslavement, which already legitimized the rule of Whites over Blacks or Coloreds, as well as saw persons with lighter skin tones being socio-economically favored would result in the minority groups, in this case, the Blacks or Coloreds, placing more value on lighter skin tones.


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