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权力是一种引起整个玛丽·雪莱的弗兰肯斯坦最突出的主题。小说中强烈的力量增加了玛丽·雪莱创造的非自然的故事情节。在新的电力是最明显和最有趣的可能是因为电源可以来自许多方面,整体的力量在Victor Frankenstein的手中,这样的一个例子是他违背神的本性和创造新的生活,他认为他可以控制和操纵。”为了让一个无生命的身体注入生命,我努力工作了将近两年,“这显示了他对超越可能性的执着,并向前迈进了一步,这样他就可以像上帝一样被看待。”。引用了近两年的话,意味着如果他的发明不完美,那是不对的。因为维克托花了将近两年的时间“注入生命”,无论过程需要多长时间,他都表现出他的奉献精神。危险的知识与这个主题联系在一起,因为没有正确的知识,抱负的前景是不可及的,正如我们后来在小说中发现的那样。“灌输”一词的作用强调生命的给予,这就产生了一种对比,即短语表达的积极性和故事如何变成负面的。哥特式小说对比了小说中邪恶和力量的表现方式。根据人物故事和背景不同,每种解释都不同。


Power is one of the most prominent themes which has coursed throughout Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The intensity of power within the novel adds to the unnatural storyline which Mary Shelley created. Power within the novel is the most obvious and perhaps the most interesting because power can come from many perspectives.The overall power is in Victor Frankenstein’s hands, an example of this is him going against the true nature of god and creating new life in which he thinks he can control and manipulate. “I had worked hard for nearly two years, for the purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body.” This shows his dedication into looking beyond possibilities and moving one step further so he can be looked upon like a god. The quote ‘taking nearly two years’ implies that if his invention is not perfect, it’s not right. Because Victor has taken nearly two years on ‘infusing life’ shows his dedication no matter how long the process takes. Dangerous knowledge links with this theme because without the right knowledge the prospect of ambition is unreachable, as we come to find out later in the novel. The effect of the word ‘infusing’ gives emphasis to the giving of life, this creates a contrast into the positivity that the phrase conveys and how the story turns into a negative. The gothic novel contrasts the ways in which evil and power are shown throughout the novel. Each interpretation is different depending on the characters story and background.


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