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All in all, according to these three papers concentrate very much on how students achieve their study in higher education and avoid dropping out to what it is the remarkable and concerned research on students attrition for first year at university, so to a paper researched by Nelson, Duncan, and Clarke (2009) raise many relevant points about the factors that can help students learn successfully such as curriculum, responsibility, involvement, and future direction. These connected points can decide clearly whether first year student come to class with well-prepared background or just to spend time by relying on school whole programs to give them success in learning. As for a paper by Krause (2005) discussed about finances and resources, sense of purpose, achievement and self-regulation, time management, and student satisfaction are the most successful scene that determine students in learning and avoid dropping out due to their intentionally-enforced reasons on the above finding. For the last paper by Meer (2009) pointed out only the interaction between students and tutors or academic staff, for this finding students seem not to value education if they notice that they come to school without attention of personal relation between their peer and tutors.Do not see any comparison of methods used by each of the three studies. Also you focus on results of Krause study but I see very little on results of the other two studies. I have trouble knowing whether you really understood the methods and results of the Nelson et al and Meer articles. Your sentence structure makes it hard to understand the points you want to make. I encourage you to write simple, short sentences since writing in a second language is difficult.


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